Borgobrufa and philanthropy

Those who choose Borgobrufa SPA Resort for their moments of wellness are used to casting their heart beyond their dreams. But to think even bigger and to feel truly satisfied inside, we need to be in contact with magical people, experiences and realities. This is why for us and for you we are always working with reliable, trusted charities that are well rooted in our territory.




The Serafico Institute of Assisi (PG) for deaf or blind people is a non-profit Ecclesiastic Institution that promotes and develops rehabilitation, psycho educational activities and social-sanitary assistance for children and young adults with physical, psychological, or sensory disabilities.

For this institute we host fund-raising charity events with starred chefs and we also support the “Impresa Buona” initiative.





La Bottega Azzurra di Gubbio (PG) is not just a bakery and patisserie: it is a journey of training and social inclusion for special young men and women. The purpose of this association is to provide dignity to people through a paid job, a goal to be pursued so all the individuals of a given community can be active without discrimination.

For these noble motives and for the deliciousness of their products we have chosen La Bottega Azzurra as a partner to create sweet or savoury gifts to offer our guests at the end of their stay.

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