Pools & Saunas
the realm of tranquillity and quietness

Leave stress and the racket of everyday light behind you. This is the realm of tranquillity and quietness, with the pleasant melody of water playing in the background. Have a dive in one of our outdoor pools as you admire the landscape of nature around you.

Enjoy a treatment at Aemotio SPA, experiencing the sweet sensation of being caressed by raindrops. Regenerate yourself in our saunas and steam baths before you enjoy yourself at one of our relaxation areas. Our SPA is inspired by the Nordic tradition, which means no swimsuits, as these may release toxins at high temperatures. We will provide you with a towel and make sure you are absolutely comfortable.

Panoramic heated pool

A swimming pool with a breathtaking view

Warm water, open all year round, with a splendid view of the surrounding hills.


The indoor and outdoor swimming pools are connected by underwater sliding gateways and offer whirlpool benches and dens, upstream swimming, relaxing water jets and water massage for the cervical spine, back and legs. Just surrender to the water as you watch the sun set over Perugia.

Outdoor pool

Summer outdoor swimming pool

Open from May to September, it is located next to the Summer bar.


Enjoy a refreshing dive amongst olive trees, surrounded by wide green spaces with lounge chairs and deck chairs for relaxing moments outdoors.

Aemotio Spa

SPA with chromotherapy

A warm water bed, personalized chromotherapy, and a warm threadlike rain.


Contact our SPA to discover which treatments are to be experienced in our Aemotio SPA.

Salt bath

Salt bath with relaxation area

A fascinating purifying bath and relaxing float.


In the lake, the high concentration of salt helps your body float, cradled by chromotherapy and underwater music therapy. The journey continues as you relax in the salt area, where clouds of saline steam improve your breathing and clear your mind.

Treatment pool

For two people

Spazio ideato per attività in acqua calda, dal trattamento rilassante alla ginnastica in acqua. Può essere prenotata in abbinamento alla Private SPA Acqua e Fiori.

This space was conceived for activities in warm water, from a relaxing treatment to water gym. This pool can be booked in combination with the “Acqua e Fiori” Private SPA.


Temperature 45°C - Humidity 25%

Intense heat and mild steam, together with natural essences, calm, meditative music, and multi-colored lighting have a positive influence on the nervous system, freeing it from stress.

Steam bath

Temperature 40/50°C - Humidity 90%

Essential oils and herbs dissolved in the steam, the combination of humidity and heat, allow the body to relax and reduce muscle tension. The hot steam penetrates the tissues, increasing blood circulation to all organs. Thus begins a healthy and beneficial process that concludes with skin purification.

Nature sauna

Temperature 55°C - Humidity 40%

The synergy between the heat and the scent of herbs will help your body leave tension behind, stimulate the airways and blood circulation.

Panoramic sauna

Temperature 85°C - Humidity 10%

The view will seduce your mind and your soul, while the intense heat will clear your body from toxins and impurities. Let yourself go and enjoy muscular and psychological relaxation.

Snow crystals

Maximum Temperature 12°C

Brief passages beneath falling snow after a hot sauna are perfect to regenerate your body and promote blood circulation.

Relax areas

Where you can relax your senses

Fatevi avvolgere dalle nostre aree relax: Stanza delle stelle, Stanza del camino, Stanza relax sensoriale e Area relax panoramica. Ambienti studiati per favorire la meditazione, la calma e il rilassamento, attraverso l’uso attento dei colori, dell’illuminazione e della musica.

Allow yourself to be enveloped by our relaxation areas: Room of the Stars, Fireplace Room, Sensory Relax Room, and Panoramic Relax Area. Settings designed to favour meditation, calmness and relaxation through the careful use of colors, lighting and music.

Panoramic fitness area

Our gym has a view of the stunning Umbrian countryside.

Enjoy the landscape as you exercise on a treadmill and visualize yourself in the green of our hills.

As you get busy lifting weights or riding a stationary bike, the wonders of nature will manifest before your eyes. If you are a calisthenics type of person, feel free to use the wooden platform for balance exercises, mats for floor workouts, our fitness balls or the abs bench.

Use your time at the gym with other fitness equipment, such as steps, Proform chair, or vibrating platform.

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