Perugina® chocolate house

The heart of Perugina® beats a few kilometers from the center of Perugia, in a place rich with emotions: CASA DEL CIOCCOLATO PERUGINA® (Perugina® Chocolate House) is a truly unique place where you can let yourself be charmed by a magical journey as you discover the “food of the gods” and an extraordinary success story.

The journey begins at the Historical Museum, where visitors will be enchanted by the history of Perugina®, then continues with a sweet break with a tasting session, and ends up in the heart of the Factory, all accompanied by irresistible scents. This journey into taste can also culminate in the direct experience of a course at the School of Chocolate® in the place where Perugina® shares passion, experience and creative skills with chocolate aficionados.

Perugina® chocolate house

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