Wine and olive oil: the gold of Umbria

A break from stress, along the wine routes: one of the most successful, tasty and exhilarating ways to explore the Umbrian territory, where you can contemplate gentle landscapes, enjoy reassuring tranquillity, and taste recipes with a decisive character, in which wine and olive oil are always the stars. There are many reasons to visit the Umbrian countryside: here you can enjoy uncommonly beautiful nature and landscape, experience a remarkable range of cultural and artistic events, find your faith again in mystical places, practice outdoor sports, and pamper your taste buds with high-quality food and wine. Whichever part of Umbria you are visiting, a land of balance, the result of millennia of civilisation, there is only one possible answer: fall in love and leave your heart here, as you taste, for instance, a glass of good wine at a winery and enjoy some excellent olive oil at a mill.

Wine and olive oil: the gold of Umbria

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