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Facial Treatments

Price 135,00
Duration 75 Minutes

Bio Energy

A gentle cleaning, suitable for all skin types. A synergetic blend of natural energies and personalized remodeling mask are followed by a massage that will calm the mind.

Price 85,00
Duration 50 Minutes

Ariapura Man

Purifying treatment for diffuse light. A scalp massage will relax the traits of maximum tension for a mind free from burdens. A winding hot flower and herb detoxifying bring fresh air on your face.

Price 85,00
Duration 50 Minutes

Facial cleansing "Borgobrufa"

Regenerating cleansing treatment with hazelnut oil, olive oil and wine. Eliminates impurities and lends a uniform and resplendent color to the skin.

Price 85,00
Duration 50 Minutes


Ancient manual will be accompanied by high hydration products that will nourish and protect even the most sensitive skin. A cuddle will give softness and shine to your skin.

Price 139,00
Duration 75 Minutes

Black Pearl

A deep but gentle cleansing for all types of skin. A blend of natural energies extracted from black pearl and baobab gives an antioxidant effect. Concentrated products and a remodeling mask precede this mind-relaxing massage.

Price 49,00
Duration 25 Minutes

Eye Contour

Specific treatment around the eyes with active olive oil, collagen and jaluronic acid for a fresh look and relaxed. Treatment combined with all facials, excluding Bio-energy and the Black Pearl.

Price 179,00
Duration 105 Minutes

Natural lift shock

Easy One 50’ - € 129,00 per person

A classic yet innovative treatment, a succession specific treatments on the face, trapezes, hands and feet will lead to a self oxygenation and relaxation of facial aging. All will be accompanied together with collagen, hyaluronic acid, polyphenols of white truffles and olive oil.

Facial Treatments

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