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Cerimonials of the Borgo

The synergy between excellent products and specific techniques will give your body and mind a complete well-being.

Price 125,00
Duration 75 Minutes


The rhythmic and warm massage will use of the properties of Mediterranean herbs, mixed for you in the bags, which will dance on your body, hydrating the tissues and inebriating the senses.

Price 199,00
Duration 75 Minutes


A ceremonial which, like music, proposes the flow of 4 hands, which at the same time knows how to be a nourishment for the skin. The symphony essence massage is composition that intoxicates and relaxes the senses and moisturizes in depth.

Price 155,00
Duration 80 Minutes

PHYTO-ENERGY Treatment for face & body

With peeling 100’ - € 189,00

Cosmetic treatment with phytomelatonin offering a solution to psychological imbalances caused by environment-induced stress and a hectic lifestyle. Restores vitality to faces and bodies with tired skin and brightness to younger skin.

Price 155,00
Duration 75 Minutes


Treatment for body, face and hair.

Nutricosmeceutical treatment for body, face and hair. Purifying body and face peeling combined with the relaxing application of highly active moisturizers for face, body and hair.

Price 145,00
Duration 75 Minutes


A personalized massage with specialized products followed by a seaweed body wrap for a draining and reducing effect. Purifies tissues and improves circulation.

Price 135,00
Duration 75 minutes


The ocean gives us the gift of its wonders, the Kabibe, which will make your body flow in a state of balance and well-being. Working in synergy with the expert hands of our therapists, they will create a regenerating and soothing massage for the soul.

Cerimonials of the Borgo

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